Internet Marketing Services

Online-Master-Planners was founded with an unrelenting desire to provide clients with the most complete SEO services around. Our techniques are customized to a client’s needs to help them achieve higher rankings in the search engines and achieve more targeted traffic.

Thanks to the team’s diverse backgrounds, Online-Master-Planners is able to provide clients with consulting, reporting, training and more Internet marketing services on a wide range of topics. We believe that a diverse marketing strategy, one that takes into consideration all the different areas of Internet marketing, is what will offer the best return to our clients.

Our SEO Consulting services include:

  • SEO strategy development: Not sure what you need, but have an SEO budget? We’ll work with you to define a custom needs assessment and strategy for long-term search marketing success.
  • Implementation guidelines: Do you already have a clear direction in mind for search engine optimization, but you need help knowing how best to implement your ideas without losing rankings? We can help guide your development team through tough technical situations.
  • Software recommendations: The search marketing industry is filled with hundreds, if not thousands, of software solutions to help track, analyze and improve your keyword rankings. We can help you find the best tools for your strategy, internal resources, environment and budget.
  • SEO audits: With each audit we compile an in-depth analysis of your site’s on-page optimization and locate immediate areas for improvement. We understand that no two sites or industries are alike, so this audit can be as specific or general as needed. Either way, when complete, it will absolutely overwhelm your team with actionable items.
  • Keyword research and analysis: Perhaps the most boring and dreaded task in search marketing, keyword research can quickly overwhelm fledgling SEOs. Let us do the dirty work so your in-house team can focus on the big picture. This analysis goes beyond Wordtracker data, looking at important search and user behavior, in addition to your high converting and competitive keywords.
  • Competitive analysis: Are you neck and neck with the competition and need to know exactly what they’re doing and how? We’ll break down their on- and off-site tactics, potential service providers, budget estimates and more.
  • Link building audit: Have you outsourced your link building to questionable consultants or companies and don’t know if something is hurting or helping? Are you new to the space and just need links period? We can review your old links and build a custom strategy for quality link acquisition.
  • Link building: Need natural, high quality links? We don’t put our link building efforts on auto-pilot. Instead, we carefully craft pitches, content and submissions with your brand and long-term success in mind. If you don’t have sufficient linkable content or on-page optimization, we will work with you to bring the quality of the site up to our standards for link building.
  • Redesign guidance: Does your site rank competitively and now you’re terrified to redesign because of the possibility of losing your placement? Let us create a strategy document for the redesign and work with your development team to ensure little impact when you do take that leap.
  • Retainers for quality assurance: Do you have a solid grasp of SEO and a knowledgeable development team, but need someone to consult for assurance as you implement your changes? We can be contracted on a per project or monthly retainer for SEO consulting services.
  • New hire reviews: Have you made the decision to hire an SEO, link builder or developer with knowledge of the industry, but don’t know if they really know their stuff? Let us do the snooping to make sure you’re getting the best fit for your company.

Depending on your situation, our SEO audits can include each of following if it affects your Web site’s performance:

  • Domains
  • Sub domains
  • URLs
  • Redirects
  • 404 page
  • Robots.txt
  • Indexing issues
  • Crawl issues
  • Page load time
  • Code validation
  • HTML and XML site maps
  • Navigation and file structure
  • Template-specific recommendations
  • Internal linking strategies
  • External linking strategies
  • Keywords
  • Page titles and meta tags
  • Content
  • Duplicate content
  • Datafeed optimization
  • Conversions
  • Analytics
  • Webmaster accounts
  • Local targeting
  • Image optimization
  • Mobile optimization
  • Digital assets
  • Social media indicators
  • Blog optimization

Our social media services include:

  • Social media marketing strategy: Have you been tasked with spending a social media or interactive marketing budget, but you don’t know where to start? We can assess your needs, outline opportunities and prescribe specific actions for long-term social media success.
  • Implementation guidelines: Did you already decide what you want to do with social media, but you need help navigating a complex and seemingly subjective landscape? We’ll work with you to ensure the integrity of your brand, compliance with the different mediums and best practices for future development and communication.
  • Software recommendations: If there are hundreds of SEO tools, there are thousands more social media tools due to the explosion of open source software and a larger audience. Finding tools to track performance, opportunities, management and more can be daunting, but we can help narrow your choices based on budget, resources and environments.
  • Social media audit: This is an in-depth analysis of your site’s presence across the various social networks and a strategy for ways to improve it. Not every site has a place on Digg or MySpace, so we cater our suggestions to realistic options including niche opportunities and relevant mainstream tactics.
  • Competitive analysis: Is your competition doing an incredible job with videos, blogs, linkbait, widgets or community building? We’ll identify their tactics, potential service providers and action alerts that you can start implementing to shake their hold on your industry.
  • Social profile creation: We will identify the social networks where you should be participating and where people are talking about you. We’ll also help you create and manage your own social media profiles to attract visitors and leverage the two-way conversation.
  • Badge creation and strategy: Want to spread joy to your users by giving them something that’s useful or relevant to them? We can create interactive badges that will position you as an authority in the industry and have obvious link-building benefits.
  • Widget strategy development: We will look at your Web site and see whether or not you would benefit from an interactive widget campaign. This includes identifying what type of widget may work for your site, its probability for success, and what your competitors are (or are not) doing and how you can better that.
  • Blog design, setup and/or optimization: A blog that is not setup correctly won’t attract readers or bring you the search engine benefits you’re after. We’ll work with you to find the best blogging platform for your needs, help you to optimize your blog for success from the very beginning, and show you how to tweak it to make it more accessible to both users and the search engines.
  • Blog strategy development: We can work with you to create a blog strategy that carves a space for your corporate or personal brand in the greater blog community. This may include crafting ideas for blog posts, writing the posts themselves, showing you how to comment on other blogs to build awareness, and much more.
  • Community building strategy development: We’ll outline which communities are worth monitoring, what the competition is doing and how you can naturally enter these communities and form relationships. This strategy document will also show you how to identify the important conversations in your industry and when, how and whom to reach out to.
  • Community monitoring: Don’t have a team in-house that you can allocate community building to? No one knows your services and industry better than you, but if you do want help, we can monitor the communities important to you, track your brand or keywords across those, and proactively respond to both positive and negative mentions.
  • New hire reviews: Do you want to hire a brand evangelist, social media specialist or blogger, but don’t know how to evaluate them? Let our team review the candidates to find the perfect fit for your company.

We provide the following content creation services:

  • Blog posts: Blog posts are specialized pieces of content designed to engage readers, attract links and make others want to interact with your site and/or brand. If you need help identifying blog topics or writing posts, we can manage a host of professional blogging services for you.
  • Authority articles: We can help you create authoritative resources that establish your site as the “go-to” site on a particular subject, attracting both links and a loyal user base.
  • Linkbait: Linkbait is content specifically designed to bring links to your Web site. Linkbait does not mean every story hits the home page of Digg. Some pieces may be designed for an industry journal, a well-known blogger, a national newspaper, or specific social news or bookmarking sites. We can identify a custom linkbait strategy, create the content, recommend on-site changes in preparation for the campaign and show you how to market it.
  • Optimized press releases: We can create optimized press releases to help garner maximum search engine visibility and attention from relevant industry sources.
  • Optimized content: Content is good, optimized content is better if you want to rank for competitive keyword sets. We can show you how to optimize your existing content and create additional content that addresses the needs of your users. If in-house resources are low or you are under a time crunch, we can also write this content for you.

Our online reputation management services include:

  • Strategy development: Do you have an online reputation problem? We can help! We develop custom strategies for dealing with disgruntled employees, sneaky competitors or more serious customer service concerns. We are discrete and incredibly effective when we do the work internally. Our work is usually split into brand or individual audits, as each has unique problems associated with it. No problem is too big, however, you might not like what we find. Let’s talk privately if you have a very large or complicated situation.
  • Software recommendations: Just like SEO and social media software, online reputation monitoring and management tools come in all shapes and sizes. If you need an in-house solution, we can consult with your team on which tools are most effective for your budget, brand and resources.

Our blog consulting services include:

  • Blog Strategy Development: We can provide your in-house team with a comprehensive blog strategy that is customized to address the goals you’re after. Whether you need help optimizing the blog, making it more social and user-driven, bringing a unique voice to the content, crafting an editorial calendar or increasing user engagement, Outspoken Media is uniquely skilled in building a custom strategy for you.
  • Blog Optimization: Anyone can head to and create a blog, but it’s far more difficult to optimize that blog in a way that ensures it’s findable to readers. If you’re not sure whether your blog is performing at it’s absolute best, we can perform an audit to evaluate your current blog structure and blog optimization strategies. Or, if you prefer, we can dive right in and do the work ourselves to make your blog user- and search engine-friendly right off the bat. We specialize in WordPress blog optimization and Thesis theme customization, which includes the creation of custom hooks based on your unique needs.
  • Blog Migrations: Do you have a blog on WordPress (old or new), Joomla, Drupal or even something hard-coded? If so, the thought of moving that blog to something new can be darn near terrifying. We understand, however, by not moving it, you may be limiting yourself in functionality. Let us help you by working with your team to develop a blog migration plan. These customized migration plans cover the technical, content, social and branding considerations your blog needs to succeed. And of course, just to make sure everything goes smoothly, we’ll meet with your team before, during and after delivery of the plan to handle any hiccups that may occur.
  • Blog Monetization Strategy: Have you already built a community and rankings around your blog, but now you’re trying to monetize it? Are you afraid if you try the community with revolt and you’ll lose the power of the site you loved? You can rest easy. As part of our blog consulting services, we’ll analyze the site to find custom monetization opportunities and show you how to effectively manage them, without turning off existing users. There’s no reason you can’t have both.

SEO Training and Speaking Services

  • Executive presentations: We can develop a presentation for your executive team on the benefits of Internet marketing, how to get involved, budget estimates, realistic expectations, brand considerations and more. This presentation can be as focused, or as general, as needed based on skill level.
  • In-house team training: Conferences, classes and certification programs are a great way to supplement your team’s understanding of the industry. Unfortunately, none of those options are as effective as having an expert answer your specific problems and cater to your areas of weakness. Let us work with your team to focus them on the needs of a specific project or general search marketing practices.
  • Personal training: It’s tough championing new methods on your own as an in-house manager or specialist. We can equip you with the knowledge you need to affect change. Let us create social media, ORM or SEO training materials that help you sell your team or company on practices that will improve their bottom line.

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